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Orsan Senalp:

"both Social Spring Conference and Hub Meeting participants have endorsed and declared active support to the upcoming mobilisation in Frankfurt called #Blockupy Action, which is inspired by the Occupation of the Wall Street. And another major event of alliance building in this line was organised last weekend (5-6 May 2012) in Brussels by Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and Transnational Institute. Around 300 participants this time, from across Europe came together to see the possibilities to take collaboration among activists, unions, movements and networks one step further, and put an inspiring statement [read it here] together to call for a halt to the EU’s Austerity Treaty. The two-day EU in Crisis conference marked CEO’s 15th anniversary.

Following two days of discussion and debate a new Pan-European network to fight against the EU’s austerity policies and support a fairer, greener, more democratic Europe has been launched. There were calls made to support the occupation of the European Central Bank on the 16-19 May and the global day of action on 12 May. There were also calls made to support the ‘No Campaign’ in the Irish Referendum on the Austerity Treaty – scheduled to take place on 31 May 2012. Important element of the transnational water justice movement were also at present in the conference. The valuable experience of these actors in terms of transnational alliance building contributed to this convergence and alliance building process. A new campaign to challenge the push for the privatisation of water services was launched, including support for the campaign for a European Citizens’ Initiative stating that ‘Water and sanitation are human rights! Water is a public good, not a commodity.’ (