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= Mt. Pelerin calls itself the first blockchain bank.


Excerpt on the Mt. Pelerin initiative/launch:

(conducted by the Digital Asset Live Editor-in-Chief with Arnaud Salomon, Founder and CEO of Mt. Pelerin )

  • Fintech is where blockchain technologies are being applied most actively. But to base a whole bank on blockchain is a giant step forward. Read the tall of Digital Asset Live Editor-in-Chief with Arnaud Salomon, Founder and CEO of Mt Pelerin, the world’s first blockchain bank.

Q1: To many, the term blockchain relates to cryptocurrencies only, some know about the power of decentralization. You position Mt Pelerin as the world’s first blockchain bank. Can you elaborate on it what it means to a non-fintech audience?

A1: A bank on blockchain is what we are building indeed, but what it means is way beyond that. What Mt Pelerin is proposing is a vision for the future of banking that will answer today’s societal aspirations for more freedom, fairness and transparency in finance. The blockchain is just a tool to achieve that vision. Our customers won’t have to know what it is and how it works to benefit from the unprecedented financing and investment possibilities that they will have access to with Mt Pelerin.

  • Q3: You have recently announced the launch of one stop shop service, where you will help firms to issue and process security tokens as a tool for crowdfunding. What is the cost to a firm that wants to use this service, and how it is structured?

A3: The point of this service is to already help businesses raise funds while we’re applying to a banking license. We do so by helping them to replicate the tokenized equity model that we used ourselves to raise funds end of 2018.

The technology is open source, and the platform we provide is actually free to use for anyone able to structure a token and a token sale without help.

We even created a front-end interface to facilitate its use. For those who need assistance, we can take care of all the technical, compliance and financial aspects of the sale, so that the company can focus on finding its investors. We priced these services as competitively as we could, to make this fund-raising method accessible to any company. Prices are on our website.

* Q7: Which areas in finance fit best for tokenization, in your opinion? Why?

A7: There are two main areas that are great fit for tokenization. The first one is at the institutional level, where tokenization can bring vast improvements and cost savings through the smart contract automation of middle and back offices, risk reporting, netting, settlement, etc.

The second is made of the segments underserved by the current financial system, mainly personal finance and small cap corporate finance. We go back to the concept of democratized finance, people and SMEs are the ones that can benefit the most from an increased access to capital, which tokenization enables." (

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