Blockchain Applications for Agrifood

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Menno van Ginkel:

"Many projects are initiated to realize shorter food chains and peer-to-peer (P2P) economies, such as

  • Delicia, an Estonian based blockchain start-up which aims to connect regional food producers, restaurants, supermarkets, and consumers in networks with the main goal to reduce food waste (2018).
  • Other European start-ups like Ambrosus, OriginTrial, and Te-Food are creating the blockchain-enabled data infrastructure for traceability and food safety in the supply chain, and
  • Dutch start-up Fructus aims to create a blockchain-based marketplace where farmers can directly interact with consumers (Fructus, 2018).
  • Additionally, Backfeed and Odyssey are creating blockchain platforms as well as protocols for decentralized cooperation and decentralized sharing economies respectively, tools which can be leveraged to create open networks of food cooperatives.

It can thus be argued that various aspects of the agrifood sector are rapidly being digitized, contributing to decentralized food networks and short food supply chains." (

More information


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