Collaborative Blockchain-Based Data Systems in the Food Supply Chain

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Menno van Ginkel:

"Collaborative blockchain-based data systems in the food supply chain is arguably an important contributor towards realizing sustainable and transparent food industries. IBM’s private blockchain solution, Hyperledger, is being implemented by Walmart to increase efficiency, traceability and food safety in their supply chain (Yiannas, 2017). Additionally, the EU is actively working towards an “Internet-of-Food”, in which Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies are leveraged to connect and digitize the complex food system (IoF2020, 2017). By integrating the data streams of the dozens of network actors in the same supply chain, food commodities can become traceable, quality controlled, and more efficiently distributed, leading to a fairer, safer and more circular food economy (Ambrosus, 2018; Branimir et al., 2017; Te-Food, 2017)." (

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