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= Biohacking space in Victoria, Canada



"Biospace is Canada’s first bio-tech community lab, based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

We’re membership driven, and anyone can join. Access to knowledge shouldn’t be limited to academia and all of the restrictions associated with it. If you like to tinker and learn more in the area of biology and its intersection with other technologies, this is the place for you. If bio isn’t your thing, you should check out Makerspace which is our parent organization.

Biospace offers classes and allows Makerspace members access to equipment for their own projects. Biospace borrows lab facilities from a local biotech startup,, and so access hours and projects are at their discretion. The facilities are located at 2614 Bridge Street. Currently, Biospace can accommodate only biosafety risk group 1 projects as described in the Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines

Equipment available to members includes microscopes (both inspection and biological), pipettes, centrifuges, incubators and water baths, glassware and sterilization facilities, analytical balance, a PCR machine, a microplate reader, and other basic microbiology equipment. Personal safety equipment and disposable materials and reagents are included in classes, but will have to be individually negotiated for personal projects." (

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  1. Bio Art – a University of Leiden program to create biologically inspired art
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