Benjamin Chodoroff on the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition

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"Benjamin Chodoroff of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (and other initiatives) joins me today - remotely from Detroit - for a conversation.

Detroit is known for being a city in economic decline, an icon of the downturn of the auto industry, and for an almost romantic scenery of huge industry ruins.

Against this background, people are currently creating new approaches to organize things differently - community-based, independent, and decentralized. Inspired by a strong community gardening movement that already produces lots of groceries for city inhabitants locally, there are many more initiatives coming up. Community-owned wireless infrastructures, structures to support the local music economy, community media projects … are cases in point. Creative communities instead of a creative class.

It will be interesting to find out also, what we in Berlin can learn from Detroit experiences and vice versa. Lots of empty space and a low economy, a vibrant creative scene, plus lots of people experimenting with new ways of organizing things are (or regarding space and economy rather were to an even larger degree in the past) also features of Berlin - so it will be also interesting to look into parallels and possible ways of collaboration." (

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