Ben Cerveny on Pervasive Computing

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Ben Cerveny at the 2007 Lift conference.

Commentary by James Burke at [1]

"A fascinating exposition of what is happening as internet connectivity and human awareness collide. Ben chooses a biological metaphor to discuss and explore what is happening as objects gain basic awareness and how how information is quickly aggregating much like primordial oceans. Mashups are described as ‘crystallization’ of information, while ‘decanting’ is what happens when we pour some information into a fixed form like wikipedia being embedded into the $100 laptop project.

While Ben hovers around layers of abstraction that most mortals can not withstand for prolonged exposure, he does have a fascinating and insightful way of introducing the viewer to this subject. A biological approach to looking at information oozing all over the place is a refreshing analogy by which to explore the weird and exponentially expanding blobbiness of the Internet and its connected appendages."