Bauwens, Kleiner, Restakis on Cooperative, Commons-Based Venture Funding

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"A must-listen trialogue between Michel Bauwens, Dmytri Kleiner and John Restakis sketching out proposals for radical new economic models that draw on the best from the Co-op, commons and P2P and Venture Communism movements. This conversation was originally recorded by KMO of the C-Realm Podcast:

- “KMO remote-hosts a trialogue between Michel Bauwens, Dmytri Kleinerand John Restakis on establishing a peer-production economy in which economic rents are distributed to every member of a community who then vote with their dollars to decide how to deploy capital and determine the direction and priorities of their society. To lay the groundwork for the conversation, KMO provides some rough and ready definitions for the concepts of Georgism, economic rents and neoliberalism.”