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= Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting

URL = http://bpr3.org/


"Do you like to read about new developments in science and other fields? Are you tired of "science by press release"? BPR3 is your place. BPR3 allows readers to easily find blog posts about serious peer-reviewed research, instead of just news reports and press releases. We provide bloggers with an icon they can use to show when they're talking about a peer-reviewed work that they've read and analyzed closely.

There are already hundreds of blog posts using the icon, and we're working on a way to make them even easier to find.

If you're a blogger who writes about serious research, BPR3 offers you a way to distinguish your serious posts from news, politics, family, bagpipes, and so on. We can direct your regular readers -- and new readers -- to the posts you've worked the hardest to create. All you need to get started is a blog and our guidelines... and a peer-reviewed research report that you'd like to discuss.

Who are we?

BPR3 is a community-run organization. The organization was created by bloggers for bloggers, with the input of bloggers and blog readers.

Our team includes Sister Edith Bogue, Dave Munger, Mike Dunford, John Wilkins, Zachary Tong, and Eric Schnell, but we rely on the input of hundreds of bloggers and readers to make the site function well.

Readers designed and chose the icon that represents our mission, and they continue to provide input to make the site run better. Based on their input, we'll soon be unveiling a new aggregation site which will catalog all the posts using the icon in a database, so readers can more easily find the serious blog posts on their favorite topics. Bloggers and researchers will be able to locate posts written about the same works they reference themselves." (http://bpr3.org/?page_id=2)