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"Audience-sourcing is the act of people, while in the process of observing a work of art, transmitting some aspect of their observation process to others in some durable manner.

The customer reviews on,, the comments on and, the reviews on and are all audience-sourcing. The interesting thing here is that the audience or customers appear to be just as happy making comments commercial products as they are about works of art. It appears that anything that has been “designed” ranging from “The Pirates of the Caribbean” to the iPhone is available for audience-sourcing. Reviews of all kind appeared to be equally insightful (or have similar lack of insight). In other words almost anything cast upon the public eye could be subject to audience-sourcing." (


"Putting it more simply, audience-sourcing occurs when:

  • A young lady Twitters that she is listening to a beautiful song while attending a concert.
  • A young man IMs his friends that the movie he is watching “kinda sucks”.
  • A geek posts by e-mail to his blog a description of the robot wars games is currently observing.
  • A small group of people all raise their hands simultaneously having been alerted to do so through the Bluetooth telephones.
  • A casual visitor’s comment is entered into a fresh blog post.
  • You update your “is” on Facebook from your mobile phone just before the curtain goes up."