Aspects of Truth

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* Book: Aspects of Truth. Catherine Pickstock. Cambridge University Press. 2020



From the Wikipedia:

"The fourth major theme in Pickstock's thought has been the metaphysics of truth. In her co-authored 2001 book, Truth in Aquinas, as well as her 2020 monograph, Aspects of Truth: A New Religious Metaphysics, Pickstock develops an approach to truth that is both philosophical and theological at once, ultimately because she thinks the two discourses cannot in fact be separated. At the heart of the latter book is the claim that “the epistemological approach to truth”—the dominant modern way that ever more carefully unpacks the conditions for truth's possibility—cannot in fact “yield truth” (x). This is because, for Pickstock, truth is always already metaphysical, referring to a way of being in relation to what is, and this primary relation of knower and known can never be reached by epistemological pathways. Now, given the postmodern deconstruction of modern epistemology, she believes the time is right for a radical return to “pre-modern metaphysical approaches to truth. . . . For such approaches,” she writes, “truth coincides with being as a ‘transcendental’, and yet it is surplus to being, insofar as being itself is taken to be manifestatory and expressive” (x). In other words, the human knower, in relation to being as such, always has something of his or her own to add, a new aspect, a fresh take, a singular angle of reception. Truth is thus ever growing, ever adding to the deposit of being by means of differentiated repetition.

Pickstock's project, finally, circles around the way that human experience, especially as mediated through language, music, art, works to extend the creation beyond what it now is, participating in the never-finished work of God."