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"The mission of the Anthroposphere Institute is to enable humankind to champion, participate in, and protect the global commons based on an understanding of the prior unity of all life.

Formally incorporated in 2010 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, the Anthroposphere Institute is the result of deep inquiry into the nature of what prevents sustainable change from occurring at the level of inter-dependent systems.

The Anthroposphere Institute took its current form as a growing consensus among thoughtful observers made it clear that our current environmental, economic, and geo-political systems are quickly reaching a breaking-point. Voices, spanning a broad spectrum of philosophical, religious, political, and cultural views, call for a deeper diagnosis and a new orientation that addresses issues of human suffering, social injustice, species extinction, and environmental degradation—globally and locally.

Almost daily, well intentioned voices enjoin us to re-order priorities, create reforms, and initiate changes. However, in spite of passionate advocacy and good intentions, the status quo remains intact. It is time to consider change at a much more fundamental level – that examines the very core and basis of life. Such examination requires profound clarity and wisdom in order for a radically different understanding of reality to emerge – the understanding that all life-forms, animate and inanimate, are inter-dependent expressions of an intrinsic unity. This a priori, or "prior unity", as articulated in the book “Not-Two Is Peace” by Adi Da, is inherent to life itself. It is, thus, prior to any sense of separation or division.

Living with such a presumption has profound implications and opens the possibility of taking the totality of earthkind into account in our daily decisions and actions." (