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= initiative related to the #occupywallstreet mobilizations



""As a broad-based network representing people across the political spectrum, we are working together to reach common ground and fight for pivotal political reforms. Members of this social network are part a decentralized movement that has two goals:

1) End the System of Political Bribery (campaign finance, lobbying, revolving door) 2) Break Up the “Too Big To Fail” Banks and the Federal Reserve

These are the two key issues that we must urgently rally around and support. Unless we organize and take decisive action, we will all suffer the consequences of our collective inaction. Any politician who does not support these issues must be voted out of office and replaced by people who will aggressively fight on these fronts."

More Information

  • the reports:
  1. Analysis_of_Financial_Terrorism_in_America
  2. The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the United States of America
  • video: The Road to Revolution: 99% Uprising": This video is a musical remix of highlights from David DeGraw's TV interviews