Altruism, Reciprocity and Social Image in Peer Production Economy

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Doug Breitbart:

"Berkman Center for the Internet and Society at Harvard Law School +Jérôme Hergueux +Yochai Benkler +Yann Algan and +Mayo Fuster-Morell study - presentation Altruism, Reciprocity and Social Image in Peer Production Economy - engagement and participation absent an economic driver, based on an economic analysis, utilizing Wikipedia contributors. When you take the hypotheses out of the lab and into the real world. . . pointing toward reciprocity and social image trumping altruism as a driver. The experimental tests commonly used, when tested for predictability power in the real world yields a relatively small set of correlates. One of the more interesting was that the admin/uber users responsible for policing duties and QC across the site, based on achievement of positions of authority, evidence some push based on Social Image, but on trust indicators, perhaps their policing role reduces their trust quotient in their fellow contributors.

That human nature component rears its head, even in this, the most benign and arguably most generous of engagement/contribution activities available on the web, contributing to Wikipedia; the admins and enforcers are impacted adversely by having to play that role, in their orientation toward reciprocity." (via Google+)

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