Alchemy of Change

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Types of alchemical change

Permaculturalist and self-fashioned alchemist/mythologist Willi Paul:

"I am now touting the following types of alchemy to support the global leap in consciousness now under way:

Imaginative: This alchemy excites and creates our ideas, conflicts and even prayers in our brains.

Eco: Seeds, soil, plants and animals living, birthing and dying in a inter-related system pulsed by eco alchemy.

Shamanic: This is alchemy transmutates healing through ceremonies and rituals lead by a trained spiritual leader.

Sound or Sonic: The ancient alchemic power of song from cave rants to classical music and rock’n’roll.

Digital: Electronic learning and feeling working with computers including chat text, email and documents.

Community: People working with people: transforming attitudes, sharing ideas and making plans.

Earth: Planetary consciousness building and human evolution on a universal scale.

Alchemy is transmutation on many levels, a process and not the end result. To me alchemy is a new glue for the revolution." (

What is Alchemergy

= Alchemergy takes change out of the hands of politicians and back into the control of an enlightened populace.” Is there a political component to the transformational power of alchemy?

Dennis William Hauck:

"There has always been a political or social component to alchemy. In fact, our founding fathers were very familiar with alchemical principles and openly tried to apply them to the new democracy, and there was much debate about how far they should go. Benjamin Franklin and the great French philosopher Rousseau even wrote a constitution for America based on the Emerald Tablet. Alchemy is about the universal methods of transformation and perfection that apply to all aspects of human activity." (