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"All aesthetic processes run along repertoires of historically determined forms and they are exercised with the deployment of a number of competences which update and make real the forms of those repertoires. Both together, repertoires and competences, may then constitute generative pattern languages. These pattern languages are commons and work as such, since the only conceivable way for them to be produced, improved and transmitted is through the individual manufacturing of a longer lasting sensitive and intellectual milieu, a kind of “aesthetic laboratorium” as Marx would have called it. It is obvious these aesthetic commons, as most other commons, have undergone -and are still subjected to- their own “enclosures” as part of the institution of capitalist societies." (


In most of these groups the issue of (re) constructing a regime of aesthetic commons eabling political action has been a priority...

  1. La Fiambrera Obrera,
  2. SCCPP,
  4. The Yes Men,

More Information

  1. Essay: Aesthetic Commons and the Enclosures of Instituting Autonomies. By Jordi Claramonte.
  2. Modal Aesthetics Project