Zagreb Right to the City Green Action Campaign

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= Zagreb's Right to the City/Green Action campaign - "Pravo na grad"

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tomislav medak:

"Right to the City/Green Action campaign has been working since 2006 to counteract the detrimental impact of privatisation of public space, unsustainable urban development, and the disenfranchisement of citizens in the process of urban planning in the city of Zagreb. While the campaign has primarily focused on one paradigmatic case of spatial injustice -- upscale development "Cvjetni" in the historic center of the city that required the complicity of local and national authorities in privatization a public street, raising of protected buildings, bringing private traffic to pedestrian zone, changing all planning regulations, investing public money for private gains --, it addresses a number of systemic complicities between public institutions and large capital. Through direct actions, petitions, legal contestation and public protests the support for the campaign has grown to include over 200 activists and thousands of citizens."