Yochai Benkler on Successful Internet Rights Activism

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Video via http://fora.tv/2012/05/03/The_Guardian_Blueprint_for_Democratic_Participation [1]


"After the groundswell around SOPA led to an tsunami of activism, Yochai Benkler reviews whether the way it all went down might prove to be a blueprint for future democratic participation. Using networks, he charts how the movement grew, and how the networked public sphere works in today’s world (that is to say, how people organised themselves to block it, and who had the biggest impact on the effect of the activism). The Q&A section (starts at 15’17”) digs deeper into whether that level of activism success is replicable.

DISCUSSED: The Buzzing Underneath Our Feet—Bipartisan Legislation—Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge—Finger in the Dyke—Quantified Importance—Mobilizing to Action—Boycott—Estimating the Cost of Piracy—Google’s Role.:

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