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= an open hardware and software project for an internet connected set-top box

URL = http://ybox.tv/


"The YBox is a hardware and software kit to create simple, (mostly) text-based channels. Half proof of concept, half hackable platform--it gives quick snapshots of personalized info and re-imagines the intersection of TV and the internet.

Uncommon Projects originally created the YBox for Yahoo's first open Hack day, where it took 2nd place. It's sort of like Konfabulator for your TV (where each widget is just another channel) and it's sort of like a networked Atari 2600. Yahoo! has generously sponsored the project for the Maker Faire on May 19-20, 2007 in San Mateo, Ca. We've created 80 kits to give away in 4 hands-on workshops designed to train folks how build and hack their very own YBox." (http://ybox.tv/index.php?page=about)

More Information

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