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Adele Peters:

"XO.1 uses bitcoin’s blockchain technology as a secure foundation for its platform; the blockchain records data across a decentralized network of computers, so voting results can’t be changed. Bitcoin can only record a small number of transactions at a time–usually about three or four votes a second–so XO.1 also developed a second layer of its technology that can work at scale. In a stress test on March 8, they proved that the system can handle more than 1 million votes a minute, or 1.5 billion votes in 24 hours.

The company plans to use what’s called a private audit log, so an independent third party can verify links between someone’s real identity and their blockchain identity. No one else will be able to link the two; XO.1 patented a two-step process that uses something called an “oblivious shuffle” to ensure that each vote comes from a registered voter, while protecting the anonymity of those votes.

“If you imagine you get 10 people in a circle, and each person writes a note–maybe their favorite color–and shuffles these notes between each other. At the end of the process . . . each person knows that their note was included and there were 10 notes,” says Max Kaye, CTO of XO.1. “The end result is a collection of votes that’s associated with a collection of identities, but not individually associated.”

It’s a way around the problem of coercion: If a particular vote was associated with a particular person, someone else could force them to vote in a certain way, because they’d have proof after the fact." (https://www.fastcompany.com/3068382/world-changing-ideas/can-technology-save-democracy)

More Information

  • XO.1 is the technology behind the Flux platform ?