World Summits on Free Information Infrastructures

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The WSFII is at


"We declare, as an ongoing international process of multiple, local action oriented events which provide space for people to come together, to share experiences, present practical solutions, to learn and to build, all kinds of Free Information Infrastructures.

Infrastructures, are shared across language, cultural and other boundaries, and are natural meeting points for people. We want to promote affordable, non-bureaucratic, participatory, do it yourself, self-governing approaches in a wide variety of fields.

We offer:

  • An open space to represent your practice and validate your knowledge.
  • A network of international practicioners and visionaries.
  • A series of regional events to be designed by the participants.
  • An international summit to take place in Dharamsala, India from 22nd of October until 3rd of November 2006.
  • and a support group, how-tos, and resources to make it happen."