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"In the 21st century humanity faces huges challenges. We live in a world threatened shrinking natural resources and an ever increasing economic exploitation for great majority of people. Global warming, food shortages and wars will be the reality of our children's lives unless the current course of civilization is changed.

The economic, environmental, social and energy crises closely interlink, with each crisis intensifying the next. The World Advanced Research Project WARP is a collective endeavor by researchers both to understand this World and to work out how it can be changed in a way that will benefit the great majority of humanity.

We intend to bring to this task skills and knowledge from a variety of disciplines: political economy, mathematics, complexity theory, information theory, biology/environmental, network theory, political and military science. To enable interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation we will establish common sources of knowledge and internet based courses. We aim to run as a virtual college of researchers, working in the same way as the open source community, embracing the values of openess, and the voluntary contribution of time and expertise for the public good.

We are appealing to researchers who share our values and aims of a sustainable democratic world civilisation free from want and exploitation, to join us in the research. We aim to construct networks of collaborative work, that will look at the major questions of today. We produce reports and policy proposals that will be resource for social movements and progressive governments.

By working together in a collective endeavor with a decentralised division of labour we can harness the hive intelligence of the progressive scientific community to achieve more than we could do as individuals.

If you are tired of thinking there is no alternative, there is no hope and no solution, we are not alone."

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