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= The Wikirate Project is an independent non-profit initiative to open up the process of corporate social responsibility, to all stakeholders.



"The Wikirate Project is an independent non-profit initiative, which looks to tackle the issues of making Corporate Social Responsibility a meaningful phrase once more.

Similar to other Wiki projects you may be familiar with, Wikirate relies on source based information, from publications or external websites. From this information, we are building a claim database, which allows users to debate and engage with the information about how a company is performing with regards to environmental impact, governance, societal contributions and broader value creation.

Our mission is to open up the issues around corporate social responsibility to all stakeholders of a company or brand. As the project develops we will devise a rating system upon which brands and companies may be rated in terms of the overall sustainability of their practices.

The Wikirate project is backed by European Commission funding and benefits from partnerships with academic and research institutions including The University of Cambridge,, Fondazione <ahref and Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH)." (