Why Open Source Licensing Matters

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URL = http://linuxworldexpo.com/live/12/events/12SFO07A/conference/tracksessions/Legal+and+Licensing/QMONYB000ZUS

Podcast at http://www.twosense.com/lwspecial/audio/l1.mp3


"As open source proliferates in the enterprise, IT buyers need to understand what open source licenses require of them. At the same time, IT vendors need to understand how open source licensing can help or hinder their efforts to serve customer needs. This session will explore today's most widely used licensing strategies, and will poll a panel of experts on the costs and benefits associated with the different licenses. It will also point to how licensing affects the development communities associated with open source companies, and why this should matter to IT buyers." (http://linuxworldexpo.com/live/12/events/12SFO07A/conference/tracksessions/Legal+and+Licensing/QMONYB000ZUS)