When the User Makes the Difference

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= report from the Nordisk Innovations Center

URL = http://www.nordicinnovation.net/prosjekt.cfm?Id=1-4415-274


"The report is the result of an extensive pilot-project with an aim of clarifying the awareness and use of user-driven innovation in the Nordic countries.

In relation to this we have contacted numerous companies and experts in an effort to show the variety and diversity in how this concept is utilized.

In this project report we want to show the awareness and use of user-driven innovation among Nordic countries. In the reports first part we introduce the term user-driven, its relation to other types of innovation and the diversity of the definitions. The history of user-driven innovation is also presented before all our examples from the Nordic countries are listed.

This report is written, during the spring of 2007, by a group of students from the Norwegian University of Science And Technology (NTNU) in relation with, and as a part of, the subject TMM4220 Innovation in Technology led by Professor Sjur Dagestad." (http://www.nordicinnovation.net/prosjekt.cfm?Id=1-4415-274)

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