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= to transform traditional taxis (and any private car) into nodes in networked “social transit” systems, starting with a free smartphone app. The easiest way to explain Weeels is as do-it-yourself shared transit — order and share a cab with the push of a button.

URL = http://www.weeels.org/


"The biggest misperception about Weeels is… that it’s “just an app.” We envision Weeels as a utility that solves a transportation problem: How do you get around a city when and where public transit fails? How do you connect people who are going the same way, in real time? Weeels can find and deliver you a cheaper ride — and even a ride partner — wherever you are, whenever you need it.

The biggest challenge to overcome is … that to provide service throughout all of New York City, we work with the taxi industry, which is generally reticent when it comes to innovation. We’re working hard to pass good car service on to our community, but it has taken time to develop the relationships that will make social transit." (http://www.collaborativeconsumption.com/archives/the-movement/david_mahfouda_founder_of_weeels.php)