Wealth of Neighbors

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The Wealth of Neighbors: The Power of Local Currency

URL = http://www.wealthofneighbors.com/


"Have you ever thought your community could be more prosperous if it only had more money? What if your community could issue its own money to complement federal dollars and thus build its local economy?

There is a growing worldwide movement to reclaim the power of issuing currency on the local level. The Wealth of Neighbors is a 28 minute film detailing one such community and their currency called "River HOURS". This inspiring film challenges the long held belief that we need to have federal dollars to have wealth.

This film makes an ideal starting point for a community discussion about money. A discussion guide can be provided for group viewings."

Interviewees include: Susan Witt, Bernard Lietaer, Lynne Twist, Robert Putnam, Michael Shuman, George Selgin, and Lawrence H. White.