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USA Cooperative Member Network

"We Own It: the national network for cooperative member rights, education, and organizing was founded in 2015 to serve an unfilled need for a national association that represents co-op member-owners, rather than a trade association of cooperative businesses. We aim to bring the 130 million members of co-ops into the movement to build a cooperative economy, and to help both member-owners and their co-ops navigate the necessary transition in how they engage with each other."

URL = https://weown.it/about

UK Campaign

= “campaigns against privatisation and for 21st century public ownership.”

URL = https://weownit.org.uk/

“We Own It campaigns against privatisation and for 21st century public ownership. We believe public services belong to all of us - from the NHS to schools, water to energy, rail to Royal Mail, care work to council services.

Privatisation keeps failing - but there are lots of brilliant examples of public ownership we can learn from in the UK and around the world. Public ownership is incredibly popular. It will save money for the public purse, improve people's lives and help us tackle the climate crisis.

We Own It is an independent organisation, not connected to any political party and mostly funded by individual donations.”