Warriors vs Worriers

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* Book: Joyce Benenson Warriers and Worriers.



Masculinized vs Feminized Cultures

Arnold Kling:

This is from a discussion of book, "Warriors vs Worriers". It posits that there are generic differences between how men and women see and behave in the world, and without identifying any gender-dominated culture as toxic by itself, it stresses that there are differences in cultures that are dominated more by males, and cultures dominated or with a much stronger presence of females.

Here are the differences in the cultures posited by the author:

"1. The older culture saw differential rewards as just when based on performance. The newer culture sees differential rewards as unjust.

2. The older culture sought people who demonstrate the most competence. The newer culture seeks to nurture those who are at a disadvantage.

3. The older culture admires those who seek to stand out. The newer culture disdains such people.

4. The older culture uses proportional punishment that is predictable based on known rules. The newer culture suddenly turns against a target and permanently banishes the alleged violator, based on the latest moral fashions.

5. The older culture valued open debate. The newer culture seeks to curtail speech it regards as dangerous.

6. The older culture saw liberty as essential to a good society. The newer culture sees conformity as essential to a good society.

7. The older culture was oriented toward achievement. The newer culture is oriented toward safety. Hence, we cannot complete major construction projects, like bridges, as efficiently as we used to.

I think that in each case, the older culture was consistent with male tendencies (what Benenson calls “warriors”); the newer culture is consistent with female tendencies (what she calls “worriers”). "