Visualizing a Plenitude Economy

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= Juliet Schor on the Plenitude Economy

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"Presented by The Center for a New American Dream, and summarizing the content of Schor's book Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth, what I love about this video is that it absolutely brims with positivity, excitement and optimism. This is not about letting go of a system that is working well, yet is unsustainable—it is about accepting our status quo is broken, and taking our culture and our economy to the logical next step in ensuring health, happiness and planetary stability.

Unlike the usual either/or struggles of techno-optimism versus low impact anti-consumerism, Schor seems to recognize that there is a middle path to be had. A path based on viewing technology, economics, and our cultural institutions and assumptions not as ends in themselves, but as tools toward a higher goal—a more fulfilling, sustainable, just and (this one is important!) fun model that allows us to actually live our lives." (