Vinay Gupta on P2P Infrastructure Theory

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Don't count on Vinay to stay on topic.

Part one

"Binx Bolling and Hy Grynszpan are joined by Vinay Gupta, one of the world’s leading thinkers on infrastructure theory, state failure solutions, and managing global system risks to discuss enlightenment, Donald Rumsfeld, water purification, robot wars, the Ottoman empire, poverty, energy, sources of genius, David Bowie, and lots more. Part two to follow soon."

Part two

"The second part of Binx and Hy's epic podcast with Vinay Gupta. This time they discuss Jewish skinheads, gurus, taking Western reality seriously, the continual drag of identity, the Dalai Lama, NATO, pragmatic fixes for democracy, visa refusal, the adrenaline of acceptance, Pentagon sofas, refugee camps, humility, and yes, books."

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