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= "the Village 3.0 Movement is an emerging network of people and organizations collaborating around a common interest: Searching for patterns to build thriving villages, in the 21st century".



By Aaron “Pearl” Perlmutter, Anton Chernikov and Victor Vorski :

"Imagine living in alignment with your values, deeply connected with the land and the people around yet keeping a strong connection to the wider world. What if you could design, build and nurture an environment that is perfectly suited to allow you to thrive in life and work? Imagine building your ideal village with friends, family, and community. How would you design it? How would you choose to live?

We call this vision of a lifestyle so many of us are searching for “Village 3.0”. Village 3.0 seeks to find an authentic balance between old and new, rural and urban, individualism and community, technology and nature. A new generation of village, integrating the wisdom of philosophy, tradition, ecovillages and intentional communities combined with latest insights from systems-thinking, psychology, sociology, ecology and organisational design. A village designed around the possibilities of bottom-up, peer-to-peer global collaboration and location free-livelihoods enabled by the Internet. Village 3.0 is a place of thriving entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, whilst also nurturing intimacy, well being, consciousness and shared purpose.

Village 3.0 is based on a holistic understanding of health and wealth. Village 3.0 draws upon many movements including next-stage organisations, intentional community, lifelong self-directed-learning, as well as permaculture, natural and ecological building. We believe that there is a growing demand for Village 3.0’s where we can live truly balanced, thriving lives." (