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Valérie Peugeot is president of Vecam, a non profit organisation, created in 1995, dealing with the impact of ICT (information and communication technologies) on societies.

Valérie has been working for Vecam from 1998 until 2004. Since then she is still involved in the activities of the association as a volunteer.

She has been involved in several international initiatives such as the Dot Force, and the WSIS (world summit on information society).

She was one of the coordinators for the publishing of Words matter, as well as Pouvoir Savoir, le développement face aux biens communs.

IN 2009, she coordinated the preparation and animation of a workshop on the commons within the first World Forum on Science and democracy.

She is also involved in the French working group accès aux savoirs (access to knowledge) and a member of the Forum Action Modernités.

Professionally she works for the research and development department of Orange France Télécom, in a lab dedicated to sociology and economy.

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