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= BitTorrent-powered distribution platform with backing from uTorrent, Limewire and The Pirate Bay

URL = http://vodo.net/



"By harnessing the power of all the major players in the P2P field, VODO offers a unique platform through which independent filmmakers can share their work with the masses. Downloaders on their turn are encouraged to donate if they like what they see.

Thus far all the previous VODO releases have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people, and that’s just the start. With backing from uTorrent, Limewire and The Pirate Bay, the number of downloads for today’s release might exceed one million." (http://torrentfreak.com/massive-p2p-conglomerate-backs-new-tv-series-100616)


"VODO helps promote and distribute new creative works all over the world & enables those enjoying shared media to make donations to creators.

We bring together creators looking for an effective way to distribute their work with file-sharing sites willing to help promote it and get it out. We call this coalition of P2P sites the Distribution Coalition, or DISCO.

We've made deals with some of the biggest P2P names. They've been really generous and offered to donate at least a day's worth of their front page marketing real-estate to our filmmakers for free. That means VODO is able to put creators in front of millions of potential downloaders –– and sponsors." (http://vodo.net/about)