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Welcome to P2P Foundation!

We hope you will contribute much and well. You will probably want to read the help pages. Again, welcome and have fun! MIchel Bauwens (talk) 08:47, 5 June 2021 (UTC)

Hi Michel, thanks bunches for bringing me aboard! Do you know your sig (above) is presenting as "MIchel" instead of "Michel"? If that's an automated version (rather than a transient typo) you may want to correct it in your settings.
I've recently been in process of learning how to set up a homelab MediaWiki instance in order to organize and develop my thoughts on P2P/commons topics (and other things). Coming aboard here offers me a chance to get going on putting down some of my thoughts while taking a more leisurely and exploratory pace with the homelab stuff. I'm aiming at setting up a Proxmox instance on an old tower and then doing other stuff through VM's and containers; i.e. I was in process of getting hands on with some scalable web tech rather than just firing up a prebuilt MediaWiki instance in a VirtualBox VM or some such.
I've got a fair bit of MediaWiki editing experience through time spent as A Fellow Editor at Wikipedia. I've not been active there for a while (the en.wikipedia editing community has over time taken on some pretty toxic aspects, IMHO) but regardless once I've reacquainted myself with things I may be able to help at times with some site maintenance here. At the very least I can assist with some proofreading and copy editing. Perhaps you could put me in touch with the folks handling site tech and wiki admin here? Pinging some of them by linking usernames/userpages below might suffice.
--KevB-ing (talk) 18:55, 6 June 2021 (UTC)

My personal contribution/site use

Michel, I'd like to make sure we're all "on the same page" before I dig into developing my thoughts here. I'm aspiring to both develop a bunch of hyperlinked/wikilinked expository blurbs that have me directly describing aspects of my vision for bespoke DIY forms of commons oriented communities (designed from the start to integrate and interface well with existing sociopolitical-cultural forms and norms) while in parallel also developing fictional scenarios which illustrate how such might play out in practice. I'm thinking I'll start by developing such as drafts here in subdomains and then, when a body of nodes has built up to some degree, bring things forward as outfacing pages open to critique and feedback. I'm hoping to express something whose sum exceeds its parts. To illustrate some resultant emergent idea through a complex of interlinked nodes of thought interwoven with a sort of choose-your-own-adventure story which, once some base forms are set, others may extend, trim, contribute to, reshape, remodel, reply to (in kind and in critique), etc., etc. etc. I want to build a birdhouse with room for other birds then collaboratively extend it and open source our designs. :  }

--KevB-ing (talk) 18:55, 6 June 2021 (UTC)

Michel responds

Welcome aboard! I only monitor subject pages with normal titles (all caps here), but not personal pages, so I should see them when you port them to the main encyclopedia or categories.

Re: Do you know your sig (above) is presenting as "MIchel" instead of "Michel"? If that's an automated version (rather than a transient typo) you may want to correct it in your settings.

Thanks for letting me know, I can't remember for now where those settings are, will check it out

--MIchel Bauwens (talk) 08:34, 11 June 2021 (UTC)

Regarding "MIchel/Michel" … Try looking in Preferences > User profile > Signature; the error most likely stems from there.
Regarding …
> I only monitor subject pages with normal titles (all caps here), but not personal pages, so I should see them when you port them to the main encyclopedia or categories.
Michel, my concern is not whether you'll be monitoring my drafts as I write them – they'll be drafts after all, works-in-progress. What I'm seeking is some assurance that if I invest time and effort into developing such here (within the KevB-ing user-space; outfacing pages of course may be subject to different protocols) I won't just log in someday and find it all deleted or otherwise altered without notice.
  • Exposition:
I'm getting a sense that there's not really an established "wiki culture" here as yet is there? Like, am I accurate in surmising that people mostly have just been using this site to host content that they link to from elsewhere? Without much-if-any communal and collaborative interaction between editors within the wiki itself? I asked above to be put in touch with members of the wiki contributing to admin and tech aspects … Would it be fair to guess that at present in practice that's pretty much just you? Who do I talk to about the possibility of implementing alternate plugins and skins? Is there an established page for proposing and collaborating towards such? If not, would you like there to be? I'm willing to build stuff, community infrastructure, here beyond just developing and hosting my own ideas but I need to know, at the very least, that the-man-with-the-keys-to-the-castle is onboard with it. Michel, would you like to see this P2PF Wiki become a place which hosts interactive collaborative culture as well as data?
--KevB-ing (talk) 11:30, 11 June 2021 (UTC)
p.s. – Note that I've been using the Wikipedia style of responding directly below your reply with indented text. Other conventions are possible. Also other tech. For instance there's the Structured Discussions plugin (formerly known a "Flow") which brings a more modern style chat interface to MediaWiki:
I understand that you also have other things vying for your notice (like your P2P group page hosted on Facebook's data harvesting proprietary platform – among other things like life, family, and speaking events of course), but if you can set aside some time and attention for this (open source, potentially collaborative) MediaWiki instance we might be able to come up with a welcoming vision for growth amongst ourselves here which others with commons aspirations may feel like taking part in as well. To quote McLuhan, sometimes the medium is the message.
I'm willing to set a time to voice/vid chat at some point if you like. I realize that from your perspective I've likely kind of come out of nowhere. My full name, Kevin Jones, and email are saved within the wiki from when I signed up. I.e. you can use the "Email this user" link (in the left hand sidebar in the desktop browser interface) to reach out and set up something via Skype, Discord, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, etc. if you're open to creating an opportunity for us to get a live personal sense of each other. If my surmise that this is largely just you is incorrect, we can of course make such a group call including some of the others active in developing and maintaining this wiki.
--KevB-ing (talk) 11:30, 11 June 2021 (UTC)