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I'm a precocious gifted kid who somehow dodged paths expected of his class and upbringing (i.e. years ago I dropped out of college and to a great degree out of formal bureaucratic society). After some time traveling and dabbling in various sales gigs, I instead became involved with a wide range of local arts, music, and activism scenes while intermittently working in building trades and food service. And I sold pot for a bit, lol. Funny enough that actually had a lot of P2P community elements to it. As I went about delivering green plant matter to various friends and acquaintances I also carried with me threads of shared community. News of things going on, rallies, performances, house parties, and a willingness to make introductions. "Your working on what?" Oh, yeah, so-&-so is into that too, let me make a call and introduce you ..." I helped weave social networks both within and between various subsets of a broad underground arts/music/activism scenes and within more general neighborhood community.

At one point we were hosting weekly neighborhood potlucks with a circle of thanks before the meal and art and music jams afterwards. At its peak we regularly had 30 or more members of the neighborhood and common interest community gathering to share together. People from the community started 'zines, founded community gardens, and taught kids in after school art programs. Special times amongst special people.

In more recent years I've often gone instead from hyper-social to hyper-reclusive. Much of my last decade has been spent in isolation and reflection.

And now Zarathustra comes down from the mountain.


Asynchronous development; I'm presently, at age 51, working on a lot of self integration and balance/focus skills that a lot of folks probably dove into when they were much younger. I've as an adult perhaps embodied the "as a child" axiom to a greater degree than most. But now after half a century of life I'm more cognizant of its shadow, "childishness", as well. Much ground covered, much work yet to do. Looking forward to meeting others on the path.