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General questions

Hi ,

I don't no if this is the right place to begin a discussion. I am reading the incubator articel and it matches to most of my ideas I had to this topic. I actually make a research for my PhD where I screen all I can find about bottom up ecology. So most of the articels I found I could download and review with my good reader, mark the sentences which are important for me and make my annotations to them. I our research team we share the articels of our research in gdrive a tool like dropbox which is provided by google. We also use goolge docs where we can edit simultanously and use the comment stream to discuss questions. So far I could see wiki offers a knowledge base where you can publish ideas which have a higher degree of maturity. My questions are: 1. Is it possible to mark sentences and make annotations which are "privat" 2. Is it possible to make comments or ask questions to a part of the document directly of the location I read it? 3. Is it possible to see who has edited this page and get in contact to the person?

Thanks for your contribution.


Peter, Media Wiki does 2 and 3. That's the software for this Wiki. There may be a plugin for 1. Or another wiki software might do 1.

Search, "latex plugin wiki", "math annotation wiki", or "comparison wiki software" and check the list for allowing scientific annotation support. Maybe one allows private commenting.

EtherPad might be useful too. But you might have to settle with your current kludge.

caquilino 21:10, 29 July 2012 (UTC)

Thanks Christopher for your input. I will search for the tools and check them. One more question about

2. Is it possible to make comments or ask questions to a part of the document directly of the location I read it?

What is the right behavior. For exampel. I read the article from Eric Hunting about the maker incubator [1] and found a passage like:

... A sponsorship deal with a T-slot producer is also a likely necessity for this route, MK Corp being the most likely. (they now supply Jeriko House and have exhibited the most openness to the house use concept and have the most robust component catalog) ...

as there was no link asigned to it, I searched the web, couldn´t find something appropriate and would like to question the author. The easiest way, would be to edit the article and put down my question. But is this the right way? If many people do so, the article will me mashed. Is it better to put something like -- question from peter with a mouseover editor... sorry for my illeteracy ..may be there are already some better solutions.

Apps that do 2. caquilino 19:43, 31 July 2012 (UTC)