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From the site:

Politics as usual might be working for the GOP, but it's failing badly for us Democrats. The proof of that statement is the terrible campaign Alison Lundergan Grimes & her team ran in 2014. Taken together with Mitch McConnell's obnoxious campaign, that was perhaps the most agonizing 12-month experience many Kentucky voters have ever had to suffer through. She ended up throwing immigrants and the environment under the bus, WASTING over $20 million in campaign contributions from Democrats all over the US, enraging us with a series of disastrous TV ads, and strengthening the GOP and its destructive, right-wing ideology. Kentucky is much worse off after her campaign than before it began. Every dollar anyone contributed to her campaign ended up wasted. By the way, three of her most important advisers were Steve Beshear, Jack Conway, and Dan Logsdon, the chair of the Ky. Democratic Party. They all blew it very badly. Alison should've won by a landslide.
posted by CQ (talk) on 10:38, 10 January 2015 (UTC)