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About Orcmid, aka Dennis E. Hamilton


I am Dennis E. Hamilton, a resident of the City of Seattle in the State of Washington, USA.

I can be found on Facebook and Linked-In. There are also some biographical remarks and links on my What's an Orcmid web page. My twitter tag is "@orcmid" and my Skype ID is "orcmid".

I am not sure where I can be found that is closest to the interests of P2P Foundation folk, but there is probably my temporarily-dormant main blog, Orcmid's Lair, and perhaps this site on open-system trustworthiness.

At the moment, I am having the greatest difficulty with this MediaWiki not looking like a MediaWiki now that I have registered. For starters, to have the Help:Contents and then the Help:Editing pages open without navigating off of this page (before I saw the familiary link on the bottom), I had to come back and used my browser to open those links in new browser windows.

Meanwhile, I think I am delighted to be here. I want to follow up on the discussion of abundance on appropriate discussion pages, once I can find them again.

Editing Notes

I have been experiencing difficulty learning my way around this WikiMedia configuration. Although I am willing to trouble-shoot, I realize that I need to go about it more systematically than the erratic way I floundered around the past couple of days.

I have no intention of touching any other work here, but I would like to achieve a state where I can meaningfully contribute to Discussion (i.e. Talk) pages here.

This update is part of my systematic experimentation.

Orcmid 20:54, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

On addition of headings to my User:Orcmid profile, I find that I have editing links on this page. This postscript is to confirm that it is the WikiText that is prsented for editing of the new subsection and not some HTML rendering. So far, everything is working properly.

Orcmid 20:59, 28 November 2010 (UTC)