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Hitchhike trip in Finland, Summer 2008

Main activities

Since 2008 I've been working as a freelance free software consultant, mainly for non-profits and for business (e.g. Souren Meubels), with a focus on Drupal, CiviCRM and MediaWiki. Check for more.

I've co-founded several wikis, the most important and active ones are about hitchhiking, dumpster diving.

Past activities

  • Volunteer for Geekcorps Mali
  • Creating Wikipedias in Bambara, Fulfulde and Limburgish.
  • Consultant at CEPES in Peru, working on a system to increase financial transparency at the Peruvian ministry of agriculture.
  • Tech team coordinator at CouchSurfing, another hospitality exchange network where the founder refused the peer-to-peer model.