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= Canadian pro-sharing advocacy and enabling group based in Toronto

URL = http://unstash.com/


Cat Johnson:

"Unstash is a peer-to-peer platform for collaborative consumption that works to facilitate and enhance the sharing experience by making sharing fun, easy and social. The Toronto-based organization is “laser focused on the essence of sharing,” says Unstash co-founder Lon Wong. “We're not about connecting strangers to make a few dollars, and we're not even about swapping which can become dependent on a coincidence of wants. We exist to facilitate and enhance the sharing experience for community good.”

For Wong, sharing isn't merely about saving money, or living simply, or the environment, it's about our shared humanity. “The sharing of things can seem trivial,” he says. “But in my experience, sharing something even small and tangible can become a gateway towards the sharing of life in deep and meaningful ways.” (http://www.shareable.net/blog/the-rise-of-the-sharing-communities)