Universe Principles of Right Action and Right Attitude

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Source: http://www.universespirit.org/evolution-20-validity-experiment-using-right-actions-and-right-attitudes-universe-principles

These principles are continuously updated. Below the version of June 2014.


Lawrence Wollersheim:

"The Universe Principles are the meta-principles of successful and sustainable universe evolution. Within them is captured the universe's core wisdom concerning what the universe has learned about sustainable success over the last 13.8 billion years. As a fully integrated system within them you will also find every life-affirming human virtue and society's wisest moral and ethical precepts for keeping groups thriving and cooperating. They help you create an optimal and right relationship to the realities of successful and sustainable evolution and the universe."

The Universe Principles of Right Action for Creating Thriving and Sustainable Individuals and Groups

(Short form)

"Right relationship to reality is what ultimately matters." Michael Dowd

1. Experiment! (In at least a small portion of about 5% -10% of whatever you do.)

2. Be present to each moment. Be continually aware of yourself, others and your environment to discern accurate and unbiased feedback. (Being present is essential to obtain guiding or correctional feedback.)

3. Use the positive or negative feedback to adapt or "tinker" your life experiments ever closer to success. (Wherever and whenever you cannot improve or control the situation or environment --- always adapt.)

4. Expand your learning and expand your life skills.

5. Improve personal freedom and choice by improving self-organization, self-responsibility and self-discipline.

6. Improve your productivity in sustainable and merit-filled ways. (Everything needs a continuous supply of energy to maintain itself or grow. Producing and exchanging something that has some form of energy involved within it is how life overcomes entropy a basic universe energy law. Also, if what you produce is not sustainable, the productivity will eventually fall apart.)

7. Give and demand FAIR EXCHANGE! (Fair exchange is the vital transfer hub maintaining the appropriate reciprocality for the energy exchanges needed to keep an individual, group or system thriving and sustainable.)

8. Wisely COOPERATE and SHARE the benefits of that cooperation. (It is not "survival of the fittest," but "survival of the most cooperative." Always insure that all of the cooperators sufficiently share in the benefits of that cooperation to want to continue to cooperate. Also insure that "free riders" do not drain the resources of any cooperative group without fair exchange!)

9. Build more and larger cooperative groups. (aligned with the Universe Principles.)

10. Insure that ALL individuals or groups capture the full positive or negative consequences of their own actions. (Achieve this by implementing individual and group full transparency, truth and accountability!)

11. Improve the integration, harmony and order within your cooperative groups.

12. Increase individual and group resiliency and reserves. (Do this for insurance against unexpected mistakes, emergencies or possible universe uncertainties or, for charity uses.)

13. Continue releasing individual and group potentials to transcend current limits!

14. Expand Universe Principle aligned influence, control or management into larger environments and help do your important part to forward the progressive evolution of the universe.

The Universe Principles of Right Attitude for Creating Thriving and Sustainable Individuals and Groups

(Short form)

"The only way to apply the Right Actions of the Universe Principles effectively, wisely and compassionately is by using the balancing perspectives of the Right Attitudes. The Right Actions and Right Attitudes are inseparable. They create a whole and balanced evolutionary success system." Lawrence Wollersheim

1. The evolution of the known universe and our planet is the most developed state that it has ever been! (This is just where we at individually or collectively at this stage of humanity's evolution. This is our current best. Nothing at this time is inherently wrong or deficient.)

2. Accept that no matter how it looks right now, every thing that is emerging into being is emerging at the “perfect” timing for its own next step of evolution!

3. Embrace the universe as being the ideal place for learning, developing and having experiences. (Know that there can be no complete loss whenever you have learned, developed or have expanded your experience.)

4. Accept that unending change is natural to evolution. (Resisting the reality of continuous evolutionary change and process is what you can add to the pain of uncomfortable change to make it last longer and hurt more!)

5. Trust that everything always works out for the greatest possible good. (This is initially always true at the level of the universe as a whole system as well as at the highest possible percentage of good for your own life's actions if your life is well-aligned with these Universe Principles!)

6. Let it go when anything needs to be over! Recycle it back into the universe for reuse for in new experiments.

7. Enjoy Today! (There are no 100% guarantees for the future! Evolution is filled with necessary uncertainties and spontaneity. )

8. Feel the wonder of our universe being one single UNION that interconnects all things in interdependent relationships that share ALL universe matter, energy space and time. (It is an energy, matter, space and time SHARING universe in spite of what many of our current cultural systems suggest!)

9. Enjoy being completely embedded within a unique union and partnership of yourself with ALL other beings and things sharing a progressively evolving universe.

10. Celebrate existing within a universe of ongoing spontaneity, creativity, abundance, beauty and adventure. (For over 13.8 billion years the universe's system of evolutionary processes have consistently proven themselves to be not only the most successful system that has ever existed, but they have also shown themselves to be the source of the largest abundance of energy, matter, space and time that has ever been known to exist!)

11. Acknowledge that the universe --- just is! (This infers that there is a fundamental kind of neutrality and equanimity existing within the universe. This "issness" also infers that there is no inherent or intrinsic deficiency within you, evolution or any thing or reality within the universe.) (http://www.universespirit.org/evolution-20-validity-experiment-using-right-actions-and-right-attitudes-universe-principles)