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URL = http://unconsumption.tumblr.com/


"Unconsumption, an ad hoc idea/movement first articulated by Rob Walker, author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, attempts to address some of these issues. He coined the term in a 2007 edition of Consumed, his column for the New York Times Magazine while writing about Freecycle, the community message boards for individuals looking to share unwanted or unneeded posessions with others in their community.

Many of the tenets of unconsumption are simple, common-sense maxims that would have seemed second-nature to our parents or grandparents, who would go to a cobbler to fix a shoe as opposed to buying a shiny-and-new synthetic replacement. But in this era of pitched hyper-consumption, it's crucial to rediscover these maxims of sustainability--for the environment, and perhaps for our own peace of mind." (http://shareable.net/blog/the-unconsumption-un-manifesto)


Giving away things you don't need, through Peer to Peer Exchanges such as Freecycle.

"Whatever attracts people to join, part of what keeps them involved, Beal says, is something they probably didn’t expect: the moment when someone thanks you backward and forward for giving him something you planned to throw away. “There’s a sort of paradigm shift in your brain: ‘Wow, that feels really good,’ ” Beal says. “That’s what I think is fueling this absurd amount of growth we’ve had.”

...In a sense, what Freecycle has done is channel the same blend of utility and pleasure that motivates consumption itself. Steve Portigal, a business-strategy consultant based in Montara, Calif., founded a Freecycle group for the San Francisco area’s coastal communities in 2004. “Getting something you need and getting rid of something you don’t need are both satisfying as problems solved,” he points out. But while we’re all well trained in the former, the latter often exceeds our patience and know-how." (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/07/magazine/07wwln_consumed.t.html?)