Transferring Assets to the Ethical Economy

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"If the proposition to investors is to pump $ into projects and get more $ in return, we are just feeding the beast. Instead, the proposition should be transfer of assets.

This is how it goes. When you have a major economic transition what was used to store value in the old system might not work in the new system. Smart people move their assets in order to keep their wealth. For example, selling land and buying equity in new means of production (factories) during the transition from feudalism to capitalism.

So we need to tell investors that I3C helps them to transfer their assets to the new economy, using $ to buy equity into new means of production, divesting from old business models into new business models. They give us $, to organizations like SENSORICA, and others, who function based on new relations of production, we use it during the transition to buy equipment, tools, food, pay rent, invest in infrastructure, for as long as these things are purchased in $, we scale, but we are ready to switch to other reward mechanisms, redistribution schemes and currencies. These investors gain equity in these new ventures, so they are able to maintain their wealth. But, the difference is that their role in this new economy will not be the same. They will not own p2p means of production. It's like loosing old social status, titles and benefits during the industrial revolution, when new social classes were formed.

Essentially the message is: keep your old assets and your wealth will melt down progressively. Transfer your assets and you'll maintain (some of) your wealth. We show you how." (email, February 2016)