Traditional Dream Factory - Abela, Portugal

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= "web3-powered regenerative village" in Abela, Portugal



"A burgeoning web3-powered regenerative village, shepherded by an inclusive and indomitable community fighting for better. Shared between 80-100 villagers, members will co-live purposefully in tune with the earth’s cycles, co-create in a space that will help them foster their own dreams, and empower them to drive positive change, together.

We may be dreamers and futurists, but our dreams are rooted in realism. A new life of regeneration and co-living is waiting, and it starts at TDF in Abela.

In 2020, we set our sights on a small, arid plot of land in the village of Abela, Portugal. Home to an old poultry farm, the land is surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys, protected oak trees, a flowing river, an earth-built farmhouse, and the old community mill.

This poultry farm is our playground for change. The ground is ready to be relearned, rewilded and reincarnated into a brighter, abundant future."