Total Energy Throughput

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A.H. Sorman, M. Giampietro:

"The external constraints are determined by the availability of favorable boundary conditions e these constraints are related to the overall size of the flow of energy metabolized by a society. In terms of quantitative assessment this is the overall size of the Total Energy Throughput (TET) (J per year). The assessment of the Total Energy Throughput of a society can be “translated” into several indicators of “required boundary conditions”. In practical terms, this check can refer to the two ends of the metabolic process: (1) on the supply side e e.g. requirement of material flows divided by typologies of fossil energy PES (tons of coal, tons of oil, cubic meter of natural gas) OR by typologies of alternative PES (tons of uranium, cubic meter of falling water, solar radiation, arable land); (2) on the sink side e e.g. material emissions such as GHG, radioactive wastes, pesticides residues, pollutants. When discussing of external constraints in relation to energy, on the supply side, we have to use biophysical quantitative assessments referring to PES (Giampietro et al., 2010)." (