Tiziana Terranova on Self-Organization and Knowledge

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Open Congress on Creativity and the Public Domain

URL = http://www.tate.org.uk/onlineevents/archive/open_congress/

"The extraordinary development of Free and Open Source Software – software that anyone is free to use, modify and redistribute – has revitalized wider interest in collaborative creativity, the public domain and the ‘openness’ of public institutions.

Structured around three ecologies: Governance, Creativity and Knowledge, this innovative Congress explored, through its structure and content, how Open Source inspired methods may transform art and its institutions – by challenging conventional practices of authorship, ownership and distribution.

Due to many simultaneous sessions and a range of presentation contexts, Online Events were unable to stream all of the contributions live. A selection of presentations, workshops and discussions have been post-produced and are available as archives below. The level and quality of audio does vary between sessions, due to acoustics, amplification and electronic interference. Friday."


Tiziana Terranova (Auditorium) 20min Self-organization and knowledge: the translation of open practices