Tiberius Brastaviceanu and Steve Bosserman on Open Value Networks

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Video via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik4DWmNO2LM

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"SENSORICA is an open, decentralized, and self-organizing value network.

SENSORICA thrives on open innovation. We design, produce, and distribute open hardware.

SENSORICA is open, why compete with us when you can join us?

SENSORICA is a commons-based peer production system.

Stop looking for a job and start working now! Join SENSORICA!

Your revenue is based on your contribution within SENSORICA.

SENSORICA is NOT a power-based structure, but a value-based structure.

We bet on speed rather than protection, we thrive on open innovation.

SENSORICA is a growing pool of know-how in sensing technology.

SENSORICA is an institution designed for the know-how economy.

Know-how and production capacity are the key to the new economy.

What you know and what you can do are more important that who you are.

Share and be social and you’ll be fine...

All revenue is redistributed among members based on individual contributions.

Be autonomous and show initiative! There is no boss within SENSORICA!" (http://www.sensorica.co/home/working-space/recent-announcements/abriefoverviewofmeetingsinohio)

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