Theory of Enchantment

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"The Theory of Enchantment is rooted in Dr Martin Luther King’s concept of a Beloved Community, employing social and emotional learning techniques as the starting point to better understanding the complexity of the human condition.   Once given the tools to better assess our humanity and its many complexities, the Theory of Enchantment takes these lessons and applies them to everyone, regardless of ethnicity or creed, with an appreciation of our individual uniqueness.   In essence, the Theory of Enchantment moves us away from caricatures and slogans that create blanket identity groups. This allows participants to develop a self and social awareness that engenders an empathy that is missing in many anti-racism and diversity trainings." (Counterweight slide show)


Steven J. Lawrence:

"There are three principles that are really the guideposts for the Theory of Enchantment. And it's important to understand them because I think that they will be useful in helping us heal our nation in this moment that we're dealing with racism and police brutality and really needing to advance towards social justice and social change. [...]

  • Number One, treat people like human beings not like political abstractions.
  • Number Two, if you want to criticize, criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down, never to destroy. And,
  • Number Three, try to root everything you do in love and compassion."