Technology for Transparent and Accountable Public Finance

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* Report, Technology for Transparent and Accountable Public Finance.



"Looking at government revenue, expenditure and off-budget information – we have attempted to identify projects from both governments and civil society which use innovative approaches to:

   Publish more or better data related to fiscal processes (aid, revenues, budgets, audits, etc. — see below),
   Help understand this data through the creation of better visualisation and data analysis tools,
   Educate citizens about fiscal processes, and assist civil society organisations promoting accountable governance,
   Facilitate direct participation in fiscal matters through participatory budgeting, citizen auditing and the like,
   Provide policymakers with complete and reliable data relevant to their work, enabling them to make better decisions.

We focussed in particular on the question: ‘Who are the users?’. We examined their motivations for getting involved, the scalability and applicability of given solutions to other contexts. The report also aims to highlight gaps that prevent users from taking up these tools." (


a quick overview of the contents:

   Chapter 1 – Introduction and Methodology
   Chapter 2 – Publishing Fiscal Data: Government Perspectives
   Chapter 3 – Using Fiscal Data: Civil Society Perspectives
   Chapter 4 – Standards for Fiscal Data: Towards an international framework
   Chapter 5 – Case Studies – Where Does the Money Come From?
   Chapter 6 – Case Studies – Where Does the Money Go?
   Chapter 7 – Case Studies – The Invisible Money
   Chapter 8 – Putting the Parts Together, OpenSpending and Publish What You Fund
   Final Observations and Review

More Information

  1. Accompanying the report is a project database – which contains many more projects that publish, analyse and demystify fiscal data. [1]
  2. The section on participatory budgeting deserves special mention. We discovered so many projects that they merited their own listing, which can be found here.
  3. As we go through, we are building up a catalog of government finance portals in the ‘finance’ group of [2]